Sunday, February 20, 2011

aku tetibe tengok drama??

tadi aq tengok cite 'witch yoo hee', drama korea.. tobat xde keje.. smpai abis lk tue.. hahaha.. tp kn.. ade 1 petikan tue dye de ckp.. 'if you can't be lovers, be friends'.. pastu dye ckp agy.. 'when you cannot have semeone, it's very painful. in the end, if you lose a valuable friend, that's even more painful'.. adoy agak terase gak aq.. n 4 me.. it true.. terutama nyer ur best2 fren.. betol x?? pada sesiapa yg berada dlm situasi cm ney.. pikir2 kn lah.. dun make silly mistake k.. it stupid..

~juz my opinion~

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